About Me

Ryan Kurkut is an Edmonton native and business owner. When he isn't working on expanding his empire, he takes it easy by traveling the world and enjoying an assortment of video games.

Current Role and Duties

As a business owner, Kurkut is tasked with various administrative responsibilities daily. From developing a tax withholdings plan to establish effective customer and client relations, an owner's job is never done and often requires interceding with independent contractors and guiding employees to meet critical objectives for revenues and expenditures.

Academic History and Educational Background

Korkut attended MacEwan University. MacEwan is a public undergraduate school located in Edmonton's bustling downtown area. The school provided a solid foundation in essential business skills. Korkut used these learnings to create his own company and manage contracts and budgets.

Professional Skills and Experience

As a business owner, there are a variety of skills Ryan Kurkut needs to tap into daily to guide his company to the next level of success. From providing the best example of customer interactions to crunching the numbers for new hires, Kurkut does it all.


The first step to success in business requires a skill Kurkut possesses in abundance — communication. Every company has a product or service to sell, and it locates potential clients and customers regularly with both direct approach and traditional plus digital marketing efforts. In addition, each platform requires a unique approach to resonate with app users, so mastering video techniques, direct and fun sentence structures, and calls-to-action were essential for Kurkut early on in his role as owner and operator.

Budget Management

To keep his small business running smoothly, Kurkut drew on his education at MacEwan University in Edmonton. By developing spreadsheets and a dedicated system for tracking revenues and expenditures, he has grown a business capable of sustaining himself and providing relief for his closest friends and family if they experience a temporary setback.

Workforce Solutions

As his business grows, Kurkut continually assesses long-term staffing needs, such as hiring workers as full-time employees or navigating to an independent contractor model for help with marketing, inventory management, and customer support. Each option carries unique benefits Kurkut analyzes before taking the appropriate personnel action. Decisiveness is a character trait he possesses in abundance.


All clients and customers expect delivery of goods on time and with sufficient quality when providing products and services. As a business owner, Kurkut has developed a deep familiarity with the nuances of supply routes, costs, and order requirements. Using his analysis skills, he used spreadsheets to allocate the costs of producing individual assets via current suppliers and eventually locate alternate providers at a reduced cost and with fewer quality-control issues.

Accomplishments and Achievements

As a business owner, Kurkut has achieved a lifelong ambition to be his boss and control his schedule and future. With his successful enterprise, he can take a step back, appreciate his achievements periodically, and reflect on a well-done job.

Equally important is sharing his success with others, and he provides regular advice to contractors and workers regarding his pathway to success. By sharing his secrets for dedication, project planning, and budget mastery, he hopes to inspire the next generation to invest in their dreams at the first opportunity.

Personal Interests and Hobbies


When he isn't working on expanding and refining his enterprise, Korkut is a travel enthusiast ready to explore more of Canada, the United States, and various international destinations.

As a born and bred Edmonton native, many of his early travels were in the Alberta province and included explorations of cityscapes and wild terrains. As an adult, Kurkut still prefers the thrill of an active vacation with opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. However, when the city calls, his business skills are on full display with the development of an itinerary to check out necessary attractions. Still, plenty of time is budgeted for a night in or more carefree evenings filled with conversation, gourmet cooking, and entertainment.

Video games

Video games are also a passion pursuit for Kurkut, and he enjoys a wide assortment of titles. World-building opportunities were a long-time favorite for the creative outlet they offer and the dynamic element of creating landscapes and real estate while enjoying dialogues with other players.

He also tackles more direct games, such as first-person adventures in the military or fictional cities. Based on the game, a great escape can be enjoyed along with a top-notch plot arc, voice acting, and graphics. For Kurkut, much of the joy of video games is exploring the unique talents required to create a 5-star release.


Ryan Kurkut is an Edmonton native and business owner. When he isn't working on expanding his empire, he takes it easy by traveling the world and enjoying an assortment of video games.